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Duuuude!!! I'm thinkin' 'bout gettin' Leo these $200 designer shades. He said he wanted "trooper" sunglasses!!! They're being sold for $126 on ebay, so it's not like I'd be paying two-hundred buckaroonies. =;

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Those..are oogleh.

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I agree with this comment. Duh

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oh, sry, idk the cl.

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I think you should find him a nicer pair than that.. And if you're already coughing up 130 bucks, it's probably a smarter idea to just cough up the 200 bucks and get them from a place around you.. That way you at least know they're in freakin' awesome condition.. Unlike e-bay.. They could just have that picture up and they could look totally different.. Sorry.. I don't trust e-bay. =)

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Dude, spend that money on something more productive. Dont waste $200.00 on some dumb looking sunglasses that he'll only wear once in his life.