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Catherine ([personal profile] catherine_herrera) wrote2010-01-18 12:08 am

Wedding dresses galore.

OMG, GUYS, I FOUND THIS WEBSITE THAT HAS LIKE OVERSTOCK&SAMPLER DESIGNER DRESSES AND YOU SAVE 50-75% ON THE GOWNS! It's And there was a dress I was looking at where you save 8,000 DOLLARS! They have amazing dresses there with high quality fabrics that are beautifully sewn and hand made. Here are a few I was looking at.

(I decided to put it into an LJ-cut, since some of the links were so long.)

Here are also a few other dresses I was looking at on another site.

Sorry for the long ass links, I'm too lazy to format them. Sorry!

None of them are -exactly- what I'm looking for, but I could consider getting them tailored to accommodate the look I want exactly. They're all beautiful, however, I think! Just wanted to share that stuff with everyone. :) Nighty-night!

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