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Catherine ([personal profile] catherine_herrera) wrote2010-01-30 04:30 pm


Hey, I CUT MY OWN HAIR! And I'm pretty proud, too. Here's a pic. :-D

One other random note, Leo made his new lines quota this month, real proud of that, too!

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Looks really good!

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That looks great. Its a good look for you.

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Looks fabulous.

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I know this post is about your hair, but your eyes captivate me.

Also, even though you're confident enough to not care for compliments, you're very pretty. Despite the fact that you do look very bored, though.

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You're right, I definitely don't see any boredom in that one. It's more a look of things left unsaid.

You look good. Leo's a very lucky man.

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Laura cuts her hair just like that. Lol I like it!

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I can't believe I didn't comment on this! :O
You look beautiful, my dear! :)
How do you like your hair now? :>