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Catherine ([personal profile] catherine_herrera) wrote2010-06-02 10:04 pm

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Just got back from Chicago.

Here's a quick re-cap of the events:

Went to see Billy Elliot in downtown at the Ford Theater.

Went to a Blue Man concert

Saw How to Train a Dragon

Looked for (but did not find) this specific juice we wanted for the wedding...will have to go a different route

Went to Girdano's (famous Chicago pizza place)

Told his parents we set a date for the wedding...and didn't really get a warm congratulations.

Went to a jeweler to look for wedding ring ideas (and learned a lot about diamond qualities and whatnot.)

Went to Starbucks and got coffee (chocolate banana smoothie for him) and sweets...I felt like coffee&dessert!

I cooked him a dinner with a bunch of random shit, but it turned out cool. Took some (possibly apricot) jam/jelly and some walnut pair balsamic vinegar dressing and some spices and made a glaze for some fish he had in the freezer...served it with green peas (in the pods!) corn on the cob (left over from grilling the night before) and salad.

I can't remember what else we did! Oh wait, yeah...we went for breakfast when I first arrived and then went to a couple antique shops that were right next to it.

I think that pretty much covered the whole weekend. It was pretty awesome, to be quite honest! Lots of fun. =)

How was everyone else's memorial weekend!?

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