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2012-07-26 07:48 pm

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I'm pregnant.
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2011-03-10 03:57 pm

Letter to mom.

I wanted to post this here because I feel the more people who I can share this with the more likely my mother will see it. I wrote this for and read at my mother's services.

What can be said about my mother? A lot, a whole lot actually. She wasn’t perfect…but I never got the chance to tell her just how much I loved each and every one of her imperfections. Because of this, I have written a letter to her that I would like to share.
Dear mommy,
I love you so very much each and every fiber in my body aches to be with you again. I’m so sorry for every single moment lost with you and every time I ever raised my voice or said something nasty. You were such an amazing person and none of us realized just how amazing until it was too late. So many people were helped by you in life. So many people loved you in life. I suppose we had all hoped the love for you would keep you here with us but we were wrong. We tried the best we could to build you the perfect garden of life to live in, regardless of all our own flaws…but we failed. I know now it wasn’t our fault we couldn’t make you happy, I just wish we could have anyway…
The hardest part of this is now I can’t call you anymore to ask you about recipes or for stories of grandma and grandpa. I can’t call you in the middle of the night just to hear your voice or to tell you about a dream I had. I can’t complain to you about all the frivolous little things I would complain about and you can’t calm me down anymore and tell me “it’s okay, don’t let it get to you.” You can’t tell me you love me, even though I’m dying to hear it since it’s been so long now since I did. I can’t mumble “I love you too” under my breath to you again, hoping no one else heard it. I can’t say “mom…please…” in an annoyed way when you’d start tapping your feet and jiggling…well…everything. And you can’t roll your eyes at me and say “jeez, Cath.” I can’t say inappropriate things to you or my siblings and expect you to pipe in “don’t be so vulgar, Catherine” nor can I say something back to you like “you’re just mad ‘cause you ain’t gettin’ in on the action.” I want to annoy you, I want you to annoy me. I would give anything for you to be giving me a slobbery kiss on the cheek right now as I desperately try to escape your grasp. I’d give anything for you to say you don’t like my outfit or that you think my hair is messy or that my food is too bland…I’d give anything to live a lifetime of being annoyed to no end as long as it meant a lifetime of you in my life. I love you so much and I never really told you. For that I am eternally sorry. The moment you died I realized all of my love for you at the same time that I lost it… But just so you know, because I know you always wanted this to be true, the moment all four of your children hugged for the first time…in…well…probably the first time ever, my love for you came alive again. And I promise to keep you alive in this way. I know it would make you happy. I know it’s sad, and I hate that this is how it happened, but this terrible tragic event has brought about good in that it has brought your family together. So for this, I thank you mommy. When the worst most possible thing happens…everything that follows has only to be better, since the worst is over. I vow to bring about only good from this day forward, just especially for you. I vow to live a life you would be proud of. I vow to love my future children in a way they deserve to be loved, as you loved us.
I wish you could have known just how much the world weeps for you now that you are gone. You had no idea the immense impact you had on every life you touched. I wish you had at least known how much I love you. How sorry I am for my last words to you. How much I long to see you at my wedding, all dressed up looking absolutely gorgeous…mom, I want you there so badly. You promised you’d be there…please, mommy… I will keep you there in my heart, as you will always be there now and I know I can always find you. I miss you so much already and just wish I could hug and kiss you, is all. But I understand. Just please, please know I love you with all my heart and soul and breath and being.

~Your very much loving daughter, Catherine…

PS: please come home…
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2010-06-02 10:04 pm

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Just got back from Chicago.

Here's a quick re-cap of the events:

Went to see Billy Elliot in downtown at the Ford Theater.

Went to a Blue Man concert

Saw How to Train a Dragon

Looked for (but did not find) this specific juice we wanted for the wedding...will have to go a different route

Went to Girdano's (famous Chicago pizza place)

Told his parents we set a date for the wedding...and didn't really get a warm congratulations.

Went to a jeweler to look for wedding ring ideas (and learned a lot about diamond qualities and whatnot.)

Went to Starbucks and got coffee (chocolate banana smoothie for him) and sweets...I felt like coffee&dessert!

I cooked him a dinner with a bunch of random shit, but it turned out cool. Took some (possibly apricot) jam/jelly and some walnut pair balsamic vinegar dressing and some spices and made a glaze for some fish he had in the freezer...served it with green peas (in the pods!) corn on the cob (left over from grilling the night before) and salad.

I can't remember what else we did! Oh wait, yeah...we went for breakfast when I first arrived and then went to a couple antique shops that were right next to it.

I think that pretty much covered the whole weekend. It was pretty awesome, to be quite honest! Lots of fun. =)

How was everyone else's memorial weekend!?
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2010-02-08 04:59 pm


LOL, here's a pic I did today outta boredom!

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2010-01-30 04:30 pm


Hey, I CUT MY OWN HAIR! And I'm pretty proud, too. Here's a pic. :-D

One other random note, Leo made his new lines quota this month, real proud of that, too!
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2010-01-18 12:08 am

Wedding dresses galore.

OMG, GUYS, I FOUND THIS WEBSITE THAT HAS LIKE OVERSTOCK&SAMPLER DESIGNER DRESSES AND YOU SAVE 50-75% ON THE GOWNS! It's And there was a dress I was looking at where you save 8,000 DOLLARS! They have amazing dresses there with high quality fabrics that are beautifully sewn and hand made. Here are a few I was looking at.

Read more... )

None of them are -exactly- what I'm looking for, but I could consider getting them tailored to accommodate the look I want exactly. They're all beautiful, however, I think! Just wanted to share that stuff with everyone. :) Nighty-night!
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2010-01-14 12:30 am

Well 'ello, there!

Hey, thanks for all the (quick) responses to my much delayed update, people. Wow! Didn't expect that one! Haha. I'll get to replying to everyone's responses shortly, just not feeling "in the mood" right now. But let it be known I read everyone's response and much appreciated it all!

So! Here are some wedding rings Leo&I have been looking at! OMG! I love them! I like the one on the right the best, but both are very pretty! And I think taking out the center diamonds and continuing the gold&accent diamonds to turn it into more of a band will translate well into a male wedding band, as well. I really like that. I think the one on the right will lay better with my engagement ring, though. So, yeah. Anyway! Here are the pics!

Either way, no guarantee I get either of those rings. Haha. The first one total carat is 2.0, center diamond is 3/4 carat, the right side one total carat is 1.71, center diamond 0.71 carat. I don't know. I'm just in love with the both of them. Wondered what other people though. come my pics don't center? w/e, oh well. Here it is!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to's pretty obvious, but the second ring...the center diamond is just a picture. I mean--!!! It's 'cause you can try it with other shapes and stuff, so it's not proportionate or even an actual picture of a real diamond. But that's just the center diamond on the right-hand side ring. I'm sure you all caught that, I just wanted to clarify!
Nighty night!
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2010-01-12 05:31 pm

Yeah, all late-like.

Hey everyone. I know, I haven't updated in a while. But let's be honest! No one really reads this journal and for the few who definitely don't read it with anticipation! I'm truly just not a natural blogger. =P

I haven't much to say, or at least not much I'd like to share openly on the web. But I thought I'd post to let the people who do intend to read this entry that, yes, I do still exist and my heart is very much presently pumping blood. Thanks for the sentiment.

I've been ratherly quite (indeed, I did say "ratherly quite") busy as of late with family type issues as well as holiday preparations and celebrations. I do hope everyone's holidays went over well; it is always great to enjoy your time spent with loved ones...but it always means an extra special somethin' when you enjoy it on the holidays. I, for one, definitely pigged out on things such as my home made cranberry sauce, delicious turkey, and by New Years I was scarfin' down my mother's famous home-made chex mix! Which we -all- look forward to once the new year's batch's last crumb gets devoured---pretty much from January 2nd until December 31st! Guilty as charged.

With all that being said, I probably should take in for account my increasingly bulging belly. ~plops it about~ It does make quite the handy instrument, however.

I've been talking to an ex-boyfriend lately. Is that bad? Some people seem to think so, but I'm partial to the other side of the fence. Truth is, I don't particularly care for him, anyway. He can be rather obnoxious with his obsession with writing and his ever present attempts at making everything in life like a bloody poem. Not everything is poetic, nor does it ever have the necessity TO BE. He's lost in a fairy tale world he has created. He destroyed his own life and then wrote himself into a bubble, looking outward on the rest of the planet and constructing poetic explanations for the normal daily happenings. He's alright, I guess. I suppose if he was completely rotten I would simply not speak to him... I guess I just don't appreciate his attitude, is all. Don't get me wrong, I can have an enjoyable conversation with the kid, (I do say kid, because--first of all, I really haven't stayed in contact with him since we dated, not regular contact. And so I only ever "really" knew him when he was but a boy. Secondly, he was more of a boy than I had thought at the time, the reasoning for our split. :P), it's not's just when he tries to implement his impressions of life or even of MY life onto me that I get a bit...annoyed? for lack of a better term. He's got potential, though. He's a good kid, at the core. Just hasn't made the right choices in life up to now, however. Anyhow, some people think it's inappropriate of me. To them? I say suck my cock. Truly, though. What am I, an animal? You think, after 6 years of commitment, a young boy with fancy words will sway me? How dare you make such putrid insinuations about me.

I'm babbling, actually. I haven't much to say so I'm fishing. Sorry about that. Anyway, the point is I'm not a tart, I don't have adulterous thoughts, and I'm not romanced by an adolescent. What I don't seem to understand is why, as a society, we simply cannot grasp the concept of males and females being true and pure friends with one another. It always has to be that at least one of them wants the other one. Why? Why do we have such jealousy in our hearts? Jealousy is -not- a natural emotion, it's a learned emotion. Why do we teach our children to have such hate and anger inside? It's ridiculous, to say the least.

Anyway...what else? Nothing much. I got a "bonus" at work for Christmas. Nothing much, but it was the thought that counted. Besides, I worked quite a bit throughout the month of December and be sure that it truly helped me through the holidays.

In response to one of Laura's journal entries: I WANT TO COME BACK TO SEE YOU AGAIN, TOO! I'm sure there are much more lizard awaiting my valiant rescue of them. Hahaha. F' you for makin' fun of me!!! :P hart u girly

Boredom setting in. Tootles, lot!
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2009-12-10 10:35 pm


I'm bored...and aggravated...and under too much stress, lol. I really need to find a way to alleviate it. Ah wells.

How is everyone else?
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2009-12-07 04:19 pm

La trala fucking la de dah

Chat isn't chat without the other oldbies with me. :( All these freaks and geeks are starting to get on my nerves. One bitch stole my TRADEMARK blend, LOL, and another stole my cock talk. LMAO. Well, the bi'ch that stole my blend isn't there anymore, but when I popped in at the beginning of this year, when everyone else went in for that brief period of time, I saw her with my blend which was obviously stolen from me!!! Everyone knows I've had that blend for like 7 years or some crap. Anyway...the point is...they're all very unoriginal...and not even friendly. Or even FUN or FUNNY. They're all rather quite lame, to tell the truth, and some are just plain creepy.

I don't want to age, I feel like I'm becoming ancient before I finish growing. I want to go back to '06 when I was 20 and being online was still fun. :( Oh well...

I want to get married. I know things aren't where they should be for that, but who gives a fuck? Been together for almost 6 years, it's pretty obvious by now that we're committed to each other, no matter what life throws at us. Sure it's going to be tough, but when has it ever NOT been tough? Well, we'll see. ;)

I should do house work...I hate doing housework when it's EXPECTING that I do it all. ¬_¬~glare at sister~

Alright...ending here. Leave some lovin's.
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2009-03-29 10:57 pm

Friend's only, sorry. =(


I've decided to turn my LJ into friend's only. I know, I know, it's kin'a annoying. Especially if someone would like to get to know me, it's hard for them to see if they'd like to add me if I've closed to the public. The whole time I've had this I've been open to any and all, but I think it's time I bring it all in. I'd like to keep the friends I do have close, and avoid any drama from the outside. That being said, I'm friend's only from this point forward! Thank you!
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2006-03-06 01:26 pm

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Duuuude!!! I'm thinkin' 'bout gettin' Leo these $200 designer shades. He said he wanted "trooper" sunglasses!!! They're being sold for $126 on ebay, so it's not like I'd be paying two-hundred buckaroonies. =;
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2006-03-03 02:32 pm

(no subject)

Laura is a []D [] []V[] []D

That's all I gots'ta say.
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2006-03-02 04:29 pm

(no subject)

  ^ - ^ 
 ( ◊ ◊ )
  \ δ /
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2006-03-01 01:05 pm

(no subject)

LMFAO!!! DUDE!!! it worked!!! You guys fell for it. ;) And Laura, that was excluding you. You always comment. BUT LOOK! I GOT 4 OTHER PEOPLE TO COMMENT THAT HAVEN'T LIKE...EVER COMMENTED!!! Just by a little bitchin' and a few comments of my own. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, now that I'm done laughing my ass off over that, better tell you how shitty my day was, haha.

THE TOILET OVERFLEW THE MORNING, ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? NOT JUST ONCE, BUT TWICE!!! AND THE SECOND TIME, IT JUST WOULDN'T STOP!!! It overflew, I plunged, my sister barfed and tried to flush it down the toilet, but it overflew again! then it went down a little, but by the time I went downstairs, the water level came up again and spilled out over the floor, AGAIN! We had to use a lot of towels to clean that mess up. And plus, since he live in the ghettos, the bathroom is directly above the kitchen, and our floor/ceiling is a piece of shit, and the water from the toilet leaked through the celing in the kitchen. We pretty much have a gigantic hole in our celing&bathroom floor. It is like the mound of meling plaster&paint, kind of like a funnel!!! So we have a giant pot up there, on top of the cupboards, to catch the water. That's how often is leaks. Yes, shit hole.

I was okay this morning before that, though. Leo called me all early and told me to sleep with him, so we fell asleep and then I heard him hang up 3 hours later, 'cause I had just woken up, so I got up and started to get ready for school...that's when the toilet overflew. NO I DID NOT TAKE A SHIT. Someone before me must have. :(
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2006-02-28 04:23 pm

(no subject)

ya'll are jerks. I've been taking my time to try'n comment on you people's LJ and still no one wants to drop a hello on mine. How boring. BRATS

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2006-02-27 02:03 pm

(no subject)

Boooooooooooredom. How ya'll doin' out thuRR??? I'll have to show you guys the necklace that Leo got me for Valentine's Day. He's such a sweety. =) Some of you already saw it, though. So yeah. Anyway, here you guys goooo!!!
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. ;)
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2006-02-24 01:28 pm

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Damn paper was 13 hours late.

And the exam was only 17 minutes on time.

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2006-02-23 04:29 pm

(no subject)

Bored, gotta write a paper, insulted by my art teacher, ditched for the time beign by my boyfriend, my life is falling apart, someone shoot me, oh dear god, someone shoot me.

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2006-02-15 01:07 pm

(no subject)

Someone help me with this sh't, I didn't even tough my coding&yet it got all stretched across the page like this. Something screwy with the tables, help me figure out how to fix it. it's hard to read friends page for me, çause of it. I want it left aligned¬ stretched across the page. I tried a few things and it ends up centering it all, and shortening the size of the table, but then also my text is all squished¬ to the edge of the table anymore. CAN ANYONE HELP ME? Please help me out, pals!!! :D!!!