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Birthdate:Mar 5
Location:Watertown, New York, United States of America
catherine herrera

kaily. twenties. femme. married.

Well, I guess if I had to sum up my life in a mini blurb I would say that life has been pretty rough at times, but perseverance pulls me through. I always strive for a better life. I'd get bored if everything was perfect...wouldn't have anything left to reach for. It's not that I adore setting "goals," I just absolutely love achieving them. It's what drives me in life. I find beauty and art in every day things, little or large. And I just really want to bring a better life to my future children--but at the same time instill the hardworking values into them that I grew up with and live by.

My journal is my life miniturized. I don't update as often as some, but I'm hoping to get into weekly updates. I've never been much with time management, but I'm learning! Hopefully this doesn't scare you away, but if it does then so long!

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40's fashion, 90's cartoons, 90's music, 90's television shows, abbot and costello, alfred hitchcock, anime, anne frank, anthony perkins, archibald leach, art, audrey hepburn, babies, basketball, batman, beauty and the beast, billy joel, birthdays, boy meets world, bracelets, buster keaton, cary grant, cats, cellphones, cheesecake, chicago, children, chocolate, cinderella, cleaning, computer games, computers, concerts, cooking, costume jewelery, dance, diamonds, disney, disney movies, doug, duck tales, eating, elton john, fashion, fashion models, fashion school, fashion shows, fashion television, ffix, ffvii, ffviii, final fantasy, friends, gaming, great gatsby, gregory peck, guess who, harmonica, harmonicas, high heels, i dream of jeanie, i love lucy, jarring food, jewelery, jimmy stewart, kevin conroy, kittens, kitties, laurel and hardy, leave it to beaver, life house, madonna, making food, mark hamil, matchbox 20, michael keaton, movies, musicals, my name is earl, necklaces, new york, nintendo 64, nonalcoholic parties, northern new york, old movies, oldies, oliver and company, pepper ann, peter pan, photography, piano, pianos, plays, playstation, pocahontas, pointy toes, puppies, reading, rock 'n' roll, rocko's modern life, rollerblading, selphie tilmitt, sher, shoes, skinny heels, soccer, swimming, the 90's, the lion king, the little mermaid, the munsters, the sims, the sims 2, the sims 3, three stooges, to kill a mockingbird, ugly betty, vertical horizons, video games, wb batman, weddings, windows xp
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